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About Us

QuickGEM is a fully digital financial service provider, offering financial services targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions, FINTECH companies and businesses. QuickGEM brings new concepts to Banking Technology,Marketing and Engagements powered by Cloud Technology, AI and analytics. QuickGEm is a digital safe space for your finance. An application that offers a great reduction in financial complexities.

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QuickGEM provides a platform for its users to save for a goal while offering interests of up to 11% per annum.

Funds Transfer

Make fund transfers from and to any Deposit Money Bank in Nigeria.

Money Request

Do not get chatty!
Make money request from family and friends.


We help you accept secure payments online from users and customers and also provide you with tools to help you retain these existing customers and acquire new ones.

Time Deposit

Enjoy competitive rates of up to 15% per annum.


QuickGEM helps you to manage your income. With budgeting, you can set spending limits by categories such as food, internet, airtime, and many more.


Request debit cards on your unique QuickGem account.

Retail Banking

Conduct financial services via our web portal.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

We are not a bank, We are more. We prefer to call ourselves a DFSP (Digital Finance Service Provider). We hope to achieve this through a broad range of financial services accessed and delivered through digital channels: Including payments, credits, savings, remitances, budgetting, insurance and cryptocurrency.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves in providing the best security measures and data encryption techniques in the industry.

Support 24/7
At QuickGEM, customer care is of utmost importance as we make it possible to keep interactions with our customers on all our social platforms 24/7.

Professional Team
We put in our best as a team to bring the best results possible for all our customers, having their satisfaction as our top priority.

Quick Work
We are deligent and proactive and with a conducive working environment, productivity and efficiency comes naturally.




  • Reach larger audience of customers untapped by the existing banking
  • infrastructure.
  • Increases financial inclusion.
  • Increase efficiency of delivery.
  • Improve quality of service.
  • Revenue growth
    • Reaching new market segments.
    • Offering new products and services enabled by technology.
  • Cost reduction to companies and customers
    • Operational cost by reducing branch costs.
    • Reducing transactional costs.
  • Cardless Withdrawals.
  • Cryptocurrency as a service.